How to reach out, see and talk with Windows users --A tutorial by a Mac User Peter Phun

As Mac users, we've become accustomed to being left out as our friends in the Windows world are busy video chatting. Sure, our “iChat” looks better and work great but we were never given much consideration in terms of support.

The latest release of Skype version 2.5.038, though still a beta version, allows Mac users to video chat with anyone. All that is required is for both users to have a broadband connection, webcam and the software installed.

I recently coaxed my cousin in Malaysia to download and install Skype. I don't have the specifics about his Windows machine but I'm fairly confident those were non-factors.

I convinced him that if he got a webcam, we could not only speak for free but see each other as well. He told me webcams could cost upwards of 400 ringgit (about $100). I guess he found one for 30 ringgit, so before long I was video chatting with him, my aunt and my mum.

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